Sharing is caring. You can show that you care in a myriad of ways, such as by sharing an interesting thought, a cool learning trick, or any idea that is useful. But what better way to keep your college roommate happy than sharing a climate controlled storage unit?
Whether you are sold on the benefits of sharing a unit or prefer to keep it solo for now, there are a few common situations that may lead college students down the path of climate controlled storage in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Summer break is around the corner.
This is the most common time for students to use storage units. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling abroad or living in a distant house with the family – you need a place to keep your stuff near the campus while you are away. Our month-to-month rentals are perfect for this kind of situation. Why should storing possessions have to eat away at your savings with a year-long contract, when you can rent only for the time you need?
There is a clear lack of options.
If you have no money to move all your stuff home for the summer, think that leaving your goods in a dorm room isn’t a good idea, or have simply accumulated too many things, you are sure to love our convenient location (about ten minutes from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln). Feel free to pick up the stuff you need from your unit or add new items to it any day of the week.
You want to store a few valuable items.
If you own expensive, fragile, or climate-sensitive items, consider putting them in a climate controlled unit. This way, your belongings will experience no damage from the elements, no matter how long you keep them here. Climate control is a great option for long-term storage, too.
If you find yourself in any of the above circumstances, or your situation is somewhat similar, it’s time to invest in secure self storage. Our friendly staff will get you set up with a modern, budget-friendly unit quickly. Our property address is 420 West A Street, Lincoln, NE 68522. See you there!